When your hands are cuffed and a crime is charged, the full force of the government is positioned against you. The prosecutors and police spend their entire careers investigating citizens and charging them with offenses. Once you become a target, going it alone is truly not an option.

As such, it is critical that every client has confidence in the lawyer representing him or her. At Keith, Miller, Butler, Schneider & Pawlik, PLLC, our reputation was built on criminal law trial work and a firm belief that not everyone charged with a crime is guilty. We always put the client first and understand that trust is gained and maintained through hard work.

With knowledge, experience, and courage, the lawyers of KMBSP have the ability to put any client at ease. Our clients know that we have only one goal in mind: protecting their rights while securing the best possible results. From the initial investigation to negotiations and trial, no other firm works harder from day one.

No matter what crime you’re charged with, and no matter what court or board you’re in front of, we have almost certainly been there before. Our experience is real and the results are well-documented. From simple to complex, misdemeanor to felony, blue collar to white, this firm takes pride in the fact that people from all corners come to us for help.

Ultimately, in criminal law, the outcomes are what matter. Whether you’ve been charged with a traffic offense or ordinance violation, a DWI or public intoxication, possession or delivery, burglary or battery, or something even more severe, we will do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to develop your case and preserve your rights.

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