The bedrock of any functioning society, civil rights laws guarantee freedom from discrimination and redress for constitutional violations. Whether you are at home, at work, in the courtroom, in jail, or just out-and-about town, you take your civil rights with you.

If anyone infringes your liberties, the experienced attorneys at Keith, Miller, Butler, Schneider & Pawlik, PLLC, are here to help. From freedom of speech restrictions and unlawful prison conditions to age discrimination, fair housing violations, and failures to provide accommodations to people with disabilities—plus everything in between—you deserve someone that will stand up and fight for you.

Our team of lawyers has successfully taken on city officials, employers, prison administrators, landlords, and more. At KMBSP, we truly believe that no one’s rights are secure unless everyone’s rights are secure.

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  1. Misty cattoor

    My son, usmc vet (of 32 days)and of mixed race/dark skin, is currently incarcerated in rural ar. Suicidal at time of arrest and acknowledged but arresting deputies, left in position to tie shoelace around his neck and to the cage of car in route (alive but unconscious) ss# dl# etc included on affidavit on ar court connect, applied for PD services but went unrepresented ( told that he must have slipped through the cracks by PD office), judge asked for plea even knowing he was not counseled, medication stopped for multiple days leading to re-hospitalization…more than once, no access to crisis intervention, refused access to clergy and vice versa. I believe discrimination is playing a part in unjust treatment. Request of bond reduction denied but granted for white inmates with worse charges and habitual offenders. This is my sons first offense and has been incarcerated over a year. Has not given statement, alleged victim is proven not credible. I even believe there is a bit of police brutality in regards to his arrest but no body cam footage (funded for body cams 21 days after my sons arrest coincidentally)

    1. Miller Butler

      Please reach out to one of our offices to speak with an attorney. Thank you!

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