Working With Children in Mediation

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Contributed by Mary Schneider.


The “best interest of the child” continues to be the legal standard and guiding principle in developing parenting plans in all family law proceedings, including mediation. This week’s mediation class Mary Schneider is teaching focuses on working with children in mediation.

It is often important to include children at some point in the divorce process, so they have a feeling of being “heard” throughout the process. Children are often confused during times of family dissolution and could be helped by hearing what agreements their parents have reached, and perhaps having their feelings heard. By gaining firsthand knowledge of the children’s needs, the mediator can further educate parents about their children’s specific developmental, emotional and psychological needs—which is usually more compelling than global remarks about the general impacts of divorce on children.

Look for more information next week on blog on the Family Law Mediation course Mary is teaching.

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