Interview – Small Business Attorneys

Small Business

Will you meet with me on a Saturday, etc. or at my place of business?

What Are Your Core Services? 
Business formation, civil litigation, transaction, industry compliance, and employment services.

How Do You Want to be Perceived by Your Target?
When a client has a problem or issue, Miller, Butler, Schneider, Pawlik, & Rozzell, PLLC, should be their first contact.  I want them to think that we can assist with prompt response and sound guidance for any question or issue they have.  Even if the case is something that might involve insurance coverage, we can coordinate the filing of claims and providing prompt notice to all who may need to be notified.

What single most important thing would you like your target segment to know about you? 
That at our core we are also a small business and that we appreciate how difficult business can be.

What sets you apart from the competition? 
Flexibility, Diversity of Services, Empathy to daily pressures of a small business.

What are the top three benefits of using your services? 
We like to think that we provide peace of mind.  Because of this, our clients can focus on their core business and the bottom line.  It is our hope that this allows the clients to be more profitable.

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