Often times domestic relations is an area of the law that people are most unfamiliar with and is generally a time in one’s life that is filled with high levels of emotion and uncertainty.  It is an area of one’s life that cannot be planned for, yet if and when these issues arise, the importance of having a good advocate on your side is critical. 

Domestic Relations can be defined as any matter that touches or concerns your family.  This can encompass matters such as divorce, custody, visitation, support, alimony, complex financial matters involved with dissolution of a marriage, and co-parenting plans. However, domestic relations also includes child support matters, visitation issues, paternity (recognizing or establishing a parental relationship, visitation, custody and support), post-divorce custody modification and/or contempt proceedings (violations concerning court orders), Grandparent Visitation Rights, Adoption (contested or uncontested step-parent adoption), and Guardianships (incapacitated adult or minor children).

The domestic relations attorneys at Keith, Miller, Butler, Schneider & Pawlik, PLLC, offer 50 years of professional and personal experience that can guide you successfully through this difficult area of the law and even more difficult time in your life.  You can count on us to provide caring and compassionate legal counsel throughout your case.

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Areas of Practice:

Arkansas Family Law

Family law deals with all issues regarding families; including divorce, child custody and support, ad litem, parental responsibility, grandparents rights, settlements, alimony, spousal support, domestic relations, visitation, adoption and mediation.

Adoption and Stepparent Adoption

When we want children but are unable to give birth, adoption may be a good option. Let us help explore the benefits and requirements.

Ad Litem

An ad litem, is generally appointed by the court, as an attorney for the minor child in contested custody/visitation proceedings.The standard which an ad litem must adhere to is what is in the “best interests of the child. Many factors are considered to help determine what is truly best for the children. An ad litem attorney can offer recommendations to the parties involved that may create an out of court settlement.


Alimony is appropriate where there is inequality in earnings of the parties. Getting divorced can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to lead to financial crisis. We help you get financial help.


An annulment is a legal procedure declaring that a valid marriage never existed. You must meet very specific requirements to get an annulment.

Child Custody Laws

Child custody can be the most challenging aspect of divorce. We help ensure your parental rights to raise your children in a healthy home. More suggestions can be found in our “Resources” section.

Child Support Laws

Both parents share in the responsibility to raise your children. We advocate for your children to have the financial support they need to create a positive, healthy environment.


Whether no fault or contested, we serve as your trusted guide throughout your divorce, using our vast experience to obtain the best possible results in court or during negotiation. This includes issues such as the fair distribution of assets and property, child support, and child custody.

Domestic Relations; abuse, violence, restraining orders

In cases of domestic abuse or violence, we help protect you with restraining orders, agency and service referrals. Local agencies and services can be found in our “Resources” section.

Grandparents Rights

Grandparents have rights relative to children involved in divorce too. Let us help protect your rights.

Legal Separation

We help negotiate the terms of your separation. This can include alimony, child support, child custody, and much more. Sometimes a good prenuptial agreement can reduce or eliminate the stress of separation.


Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) facilitates the resolution of disputes by promoting the participants’ voluntary agreements.  Mediators do this by assisting with communication, encouraging understanding and focusing the participants on their individual and common interests to help them explore options, make decisions and make their own agreements.

Parental Responsibility

Both parents have responsibilities to care for their children. We help ensure that your former spouse fulfills those responsibilities and that your rights are protected.

Property Settlement

Property settlement can be part of a divorce process. It arises through agreement of the parties, subject to court approval. Settlement then functions like a contract between the parties.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is often needed to help a former spouse meet their basic needs while gaining the skills or education to support themselves.

Visitation Rights

Many parties want access to your children. We ensure the rights of interested parties, while ensuring the protection and care of your children.

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