Did You Know Our Firm Offers Comprehensive Tax Services?

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Stephen Butler is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in addition to his role as attorney at the practice. He offers services ranging from tax litigation, tax preparation and tax planning.

Offering clients and the public a tax practice within the firm is a service we are proud to offer, as most firms in the area do not provide this unique service.

We also handle the difficult and frustrating processes that can come with tax season.

“Everyone hates to open their mailbox and get that letter from the IRS or the Department of Finance and Administration,” Butler said. “It just makes you have a sick feeling. If you get into a tax controversy, a tax law firm can help you. That’s what we do.”

K.M.B.S.P. is different from the standard tax service organization because we offer a more personal service and advise you as opposed to simply preparing your tax return.

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