Why do I need an attorney if I'm guilty? What do you typically tell your clients that feel they may be guilty and don't need an attorney?

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Why do I need an attorney if I’m guilty? What do you typically tell your clients that feel they may be guilty and don’t need an attorney?

Andrew Miller: Well in some cases they may be right. It depends on what the nature of the charge is, for example a speeding ticket. Do I need a lawyer? The question is answered by whether or not you want to spend the money for generally somebody to hold your hand, go to court for you, potentially get the case taken under advisement or doesn’t go on your record. You potentially have the ability to do that yourself. In those situations you are hiring a lawyer to make your life more convenient. As we get more serious with regard to the crimes, it’s potentially just important to hire a lawyer if you are guilty whether you’re innocent because a lawyer can advocate for you to determine what is fair from a different perspective. And so if in fact you’re facing a criminal charge and you’ve potentially done something that is a violation of the law… An adversary system. The state of Arkansas has an adversary system. And so you need somebody to advocate for your position. In a lot of cases maybe the most important… and maybe in most cases the most important thing is not necessarily whether you committed the crime or whether you didn’t commit the crime because you potentially are in the position where the state can prove that you’ve committed the crime. But it the disposition of the affairs particularly as you get more serious the violation whether a serious misdemeanor or a minor felony or a serious felony.

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