What is Alimony and How is it Granted?

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Alimony is temporary and/or permanent support paid to a party after a divorce has taken place, or during the pendency of a divorce. There are many different scenarios where alimony would be rewarded, but the standard in Arkansas that the courts look at in deciding alimony is a party’s ability to pay and the other party’s need. Temporary alimony is given to a spouse for a specific period of time so they can get affairs and a plan in order to start their life as an independent. Usually, 20% of the payer’s salary is given for temporary alimony, but this can change based on certain variables that may apply. For permanent alimony, all factors are considered, including net income of the paying spouse, and this leads to varying monetary amounts in each particular case. An attorney will be able to better determine whether or not you have a good case for alimony.


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