Spotlight on Andrew R. Miller

Andrew R. Miller is a founding partner at Miller, Butler, Schneider, Pawlik, & Rozzell, PLLC,. He is focused on criminal and civil litigation. He is also managing partner.

Miller enjoys going to court, and has extensive experience in the courtroom. As a managing partner, he is responsible for much of the day-to-day financial decisions of the firm. He is ideal for this role because he can usually anticipate how his partners will respond in given circumstances.

He is also responsible for setting long-term goals for the firm and making sure the goals are accomplished.

Why did you decided to become a lawyer?

Around the age of 15 or 16, he took an aptitude and was advised to work outdoors

and deal with people. From his test results, he decided to pursue a career in border

patrol. His family was residing in El Paso, Texas and he was exposed to this career


The military was a common profession in his family, but he decided to pursue a different path. Yet, Miller credits much of his military brat experience in helping him become a great litigator because he had the opportunity to interact with many different people.

As a criminal justice major at the University of Arkansas, Miller was presented with a career in law by several of his criminal justice professors. Studying criminal justice enabled him to debate ideas. 

Once in law school, Miller decided that he wanted to study criminal law and be a prosecutor.

“This is a dream for me,” Miller said. “I am so fortunate and blessed to be where I am.”

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