The elderly are one of society’s most vulnerable groups.  Your loved ones are especially vulnerable when they are under the care of strangers in a nursing home or assisted living facility, where they cannot easily defend themselves or escape a dangerous situation. 

Nursing home abuse can take several forms—physical injury, emotional turmoil, and even sexual assault.  Nursing home neglect is more subtle, but can be equally harmful.  Neglect often appears in the form of weight loss and malnutrition, bed sores, soiled linens, delayed or missing medications or medical treatment, and unaccounted-for bruises. 

Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience holding abusive and neglectful caregivers accountable for their actions. If a loved one shows signs of abuse or neglect, or has died from suspected abuse or neglect, we are here to assist you in ensuring that those responsible for the abuse or neglect face justice and are never able to do the same again.

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